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Thank you for visiting “Free Foreclosure Consultation” website.


My name is Hiro Tanaka. I, along with my partner Tony Larusso, have provided this site to reveal the misconceptions, misrepresentations and downright lies that are responsible for the foreclosure epidemic that you may now be a victim of.


a couple stopped foreclosure There have been an unprecedented number of irresponsible loans and lender practices that began in the early 2000’s. This has now caused the market to implode on itself. It is a history making case, of greedy and unethical individuals, taking the money and running.Of course there are exceptions. You may be facing foreclosure because of an unexpected job loss, a shocking and sudden accident or a change in the health of yourself or a loved one. Regardless of the reason or event that has put you in this position; I know that it can drain both your financial resources and your sense of hope.


I want to tell you now : take heart.


Your situation is not hopeless.  On this site I’m going to give you every possible way out of the dilemma you’re now in. I’m going to give you the information you’ll need to keep a foreclosure from ruining your life, and the life of your family, AND reveal the options to get you all back on track, just as quickly as humanly possible.

How to Use This Site

I have pre-recorded an educational message explaining what happens in the foreclosure process and what your options are for solving the issue. You may listen to this message anytime, 24 hours a day by calling the toll free number listed below.

1-888-282-0423 Ext.2

(If you want to leave a message, simply press # any time!)


You may also listen to the same message right now on your computer by simply clicking the audio link below.

Foreclosure Process Message


You can read my entire educational message and learn what you need to know about the foreclosure process, and how to stop it.

I also highly recommend you take our survey, so you can receive a free analysis and updates from me on what is happening with foreclosures, and other possible solutions for your situation.

You may also contact me with any questions you have by e-mailing me at NYpreventforeclosure@gmail.com

By the time you’ve listened to my message, you’ll know exactly what your options are, and you will be able to make an intelligent informed decision about the correct course of action to take next.

I wish you the best with this difficult situation, and I hope that I, and my site can be of help to you and your family.


Hiro Tanaka

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